Friday, August 15, 2008

The Sacred Space

Breathe into the moment of now...
Let your mind wind down as your eyes relaxes itself...
Take a deep breath and feel your heart...
Drift slowly with the movement of your body and enjoy the ride...

Enter into your Sacred Space
The Sacred Space within
A Space beyond time, beyond mind...
Only consciousness...
Into the depths of your body...
Into the infinite depth of your body...
And dissolve completely...
Let go and embrace the entire Universe...
The entire Universe...
Become the Universe and breathe...
Become the Universe and breathe...

And so it is...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dance the Music 

There comes a time when the signs of the heavens tell
The rain of shooting stars light the sky
Dances of fire playing celestial tunes
The keys that orchestrate opening to new worlds
New worlds of senses of perception

If One allows, the body is free
To express the energy in its own time and space
To be, to be, to be all that is
All that is...

In its space, in its time
In the moment of now
The body is free
As the Mind is One
One with the All
One with Self
The Self of All


Sunday, April 27, 2008

A New Awakening

The Light Within shines brighter
Dust of time sparkles into golden sand
Moment of Moments - Creator of Joy

Life is a sum of whole
Through Unity of Humanity,
Joy and Harmony is experienced
From a common force known as Love

Humanity as a collective sings for a change
Striving for a brighter future
From this point into action will future BEcome

We come from a point, a center of focus
Together we share this common ground and support
No matter where we go, the goal will be ever the same
To spread Love and multiply Joy
The wind is 'creativity', and through the Trust of the Universe
Let Peace and Heaven be on Earth!

Jiro Goh

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cutting through

"So I say to you -
This is how to contemplate our conditioned existence in this fleeting world:"

"Like a tiny drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream;
Like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
Or a flickering lamp, an illusion, a phantom, or a dream."
"So is all conditioned existence to be seen."

Thus spoke Buddha.
The Diamond Sutra

As quick as the clouds changes its form
As quick our world changes with a thought
And so thus is the Moment of Now

Jiro Goh

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Body and Space

The Beauty of Life lies in the Simplicity of the Mind
The existence of a body is to define space
Each cells represent a past, present and future simultaneously
And from this space that defines an existence reflects all states into moments
Moments of experience...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Diamond Cut

Positive affirmations clear doubts and fears of the mind, releases old conditionings and initialize re-wirings for the brains.

This process will continue to serve great expansion for consciousness of One.
As all experiences are merely experiences, they do not carry a positive or negative perspective.

Only if when One 'perceive' then will One reflect the mind attaching perspectives into experiences.

As such, to transcend polarities, One should practice the transcendental wisdom: The Diamond Sutra.
When One experience only experience, all perspectives of experiences will then cease to exist.
One will then start to truly experience-experience. (Non-judgment) Joy will then naturally arise.

For if there are no perspectives of judgment, how will negative or positive emotions and thoughts arise. They will have no existence or reason to arise.

All states that arise out of nothingness cannot be considered as new. As nothing can arise out of nothing.
If so, how can a state be then considered as new.

Understand that Truth cannot be sustained.
Truth is self-sustainable.
It need not be explained.
It can only act as a trigger.
To awaken the inner truth of another.
To inspire.
Such is the compassion and patience of One transcending Wisdom.

The Buddha in me, greets the Buddha in you.
How does a Buddha greet a Buddha.
Such is the Buddha Nature.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Beauty of Life

Beauty of Life is the 'Creation of the Mind'
But what does this 'Beauty' truly means?

It means that something we appreciate
And thus, if All is created from the Mind
Shouldn't we observe our thoughts and create only beauty?

Such is the expression of our thoughts manifested into our reality of experience

Jiro Goh

Monday, November 19, 2007

Still the stilling stillness

In the ocean of time and space
Emotions pave through caverns and tunnels
Roaring waves; gushing leaves
Thunders across mountain tops

Yet in all that is seen, heard and felt
Nothing moves within and without
All is but a scene of change
A moment preludes a movement
In ever changing tides and life cycle
Only a point of mind in Absolute Stillness
Nothing flows, nothing ends, nothing begins
All is but a moment of Stillness in ever changing mind

The Power of Stillness lies in its Emptiness...
The Emptiness of Stillness...
The Beginning of None, Ending of All...

Jiro Goh

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cycle of Life

We are like Seeds
Scattered on the field
Without any control carried by the wind
Rain came, buried our day
And two days later, light dawns

We spring forth and meet the sun
Knowing all is well the rain is gone
We grow each day taller and stronger
Greeting the wind, enjoying the breeze
We grow with love, nurtured by you
No pain, only faith

We gaze brightly with our innocent eyes
The Sun and Moon teaches us
That this is the Cycle of Life
We embrace and sing

We are like Seeds
A beginning, a new moment
Ever free to be, free to be eternity
Ever growing, ever being
This is the Cycle of Life

Jiro Goh

Friday, August 03, 2007

Dear François,

Its from a Japanese Movie: Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu. The last track of the album.

You can find more about the movie from this website:

Some trailers are available if you scroll to the bottom page.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Freedom of the Soul

Where is Joy?
Suffering is all in the mind
And when the mind is free, joy will naturally arise
Joy is simply an expression of freedom
Be free, for everyone is entitled to express love
And freedom is the liberation of the Mind
For ALL suffering stems from fear
Be the Creator for your Creations
And set free your creativity
For Love is everywhere
It is there
The moment you believe
The moment you begin
It never ends...

Jiro Goh

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Nel,

Please understand that it is not in my position to advise you on what to do.
Perhaps we can ponder upon how we can let go of this 'guilt' that you have placed upon the self.

It has been said that if you cannot change your emotional state or mental thoughts, you are addicted to it. The most addictive chemicals to humans are emotions. We are constantly affected by how we feel.

We link our emotions to a chain of associations of thoughts. E.g. Love can link to a person which links to an event then link to an incident which links back to Love.
And whole chain of association can bring upon an effect call pain.

If we try to relate the word Love and link our thoughts with intent to some pleasant memories and continue to branch out from there, we can break that old chain of associations. In this way, we develop new meanings towards the relationship built upon love.

Instead of constantly pondering over what was being done, One can only move forward on "How can I do better?".

When we love ourselves, we will not let our body feel sad or pain. Then from there, we will not hurt others too. However we all know that we are striving to achieve this harmony and peace, and till then. We can only keep positive thoughts and continue to improve our character and embrace peace and love to All.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Re: Boy and Nel,

So sorry, i have been experiencing problems posting in my shoutbox. So I have decided to reply via a normal entry.

First to Boy:
All my postings come from my own realizations through meditation and observation of life.
Love cannot be pinpointed to a single focus of its item. But if we must, then Love = Life.
If we replace this word 'love' or remove it completely from our existence, then 'Life' it should be.
Life is the Sum of Love. The expression of Love.

All emotions equate to love, regardless of what we think as "bad" or "good".
All objects and existence, living or non-living equate to Love.
Love is the existence of ALL.
Love then can be said as the sole ingredient for Creation.

To Nel:
You are refering to "The Law of Attraction".
What you think is what you get, regardless of whether it is a good thought or bad thought.
One must understand that all actions arises from thoughts.
And your reality is caused by the projection of your thoughts.
To give an example, nothing will manifest until you decide what you want.
The only thing that manifest is indecisiveness.

Similarly, we will only receive our food until we have decided what we want to eat and place our order to the chef.
Karma = Experience.
It does not say that it is good or bad.
Something good to us, may be considered bad for others.
So it is purely subjective.
Its best that we remain neutral. And only through observation will we understand and appreciate the natural flow of Nature.

I hope that this message gave some clarity given from my perspective.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who Are You?

If we constantly try to fit ourselves to the way people wants us to be
then we will never be Someone whom we believe to become

Therefore by being Who You Constantly Choose to Become
Throws Life into a whole new perspective of Joy and Freedom
This experience is simply by being No One therefore being Anyone...

Jiro Goh


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heart to Heart

As One travels into the hearts of All
The unfoldment of Love reveals
In the field of Creation,
Love exist in All
And through this connection
The Heart opens ever more

"We are all beautiful beings in this World.
And if we choose to embrace this existence,
the World will open up to us in new Light
The Light of Beingness...
The Beauty of it All is to experience
And enjoy...
How then will we enjoy...if not through experience
Peace is Love, Love is Love
Joy is Love, Beingness is Love
All is Love, All
that is Not is Love
You are Love...
My Joy to connect to All...
With thanks and Love"

Jiro Goh
14th Feb 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Inner-self Empowerment

I am the Light, the Way and the Path
The Source of Love and Creation
This is Who I Am
The Creation I choose to Embrace

So Be It!
So Be It!
So Be It!

Jiro Goh

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Gate is Open

There in one night of Peace and Mysteries
The Cosmic Council came knocking the door
The 12th Dimensional Star Beings they say
Lyrians and Andromedans sings...
Bright dazzles of Light and Colors
Embracing One with Love and Wisdom

New Teachings, New Worlds
Opening from within
The Gates of all
One is ready to embrace
One is ready to connect
There when one is all ready
The flow of river reaches the Ocean

Jiro Goh

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Love Thyself

Bring your hands together and place it on your heart
Feel its heartbeat and warmness as you breathe
Enjoy the knowingness of able to feel
How many do care for the heart?
How many do allow to experience?
Take a deep breath, and raise your inner mind to the sky
Look down and admire the beauty on Earth
The greenery, soft windy sensation that brushes your skin
That quietly puts a smile on your face when you greet the sea

Once you accept the world as you accept by being who you are
The world opens up along with your heart
Just as no one rejects you
Why should you then reject yourself?
Show the world by being who you are
Have fun and enjoy Life as it is
The world need lots more people like you who can smile
Who wishes to bring joy and harmony to all there is
Why drown into the sorrow of the world
What we need is more joy to share with many others
Choose to be that strength
Choose to be...
And once you have chosen
Then Be
Be all that is, as far and as wide as you can Be
As bright and shiny as you can shimmer
You are Alive!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flowing with Love
By the Merlion River

The presence of water
The presence of life
Breathe in the presence of air
Allow one to expand the heart
To be, to allow the presence of time pass by with the sunset
The colors fade away
The song in the heart still plays
Observe the beauty around
The presence of friends, strolling strangers, moving clouds
The music in the air still continues
The flow of love still continues
So release all that stays
And flow like water
The inner strength from the flow of love
And the heart will truly open

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The State of Beingness...

The State of Beingness allows the mind to focus and observe the state of mind in action through the lenses of perception on the outer world of interaction and inner reflection.

The mirror in-which each realization arises derives from the depths of a relaxed self (physical) and disciplinary efforts.
The interaction of the self is a response of the experiences gained from the constant urge of expansion of the mind.

The importance in-which these basic requirements of self-awareness will assist one to achieve a deep State of Beingness in the realm of awareness through the lens of inner experience by observation to the outer world gaining Wisdom.

The Mind is the lens one use to see the Universe. The inner perception of our Truth. The air in our breath is the bridge which allows consciousness to expand out of our physical limitations.

The Depth of Expansion is limitless, except only to the unprepared body and mind.

The Key to knowing is to let go the Knowingness process of knowing.

The boundary in which the mind creates is the state of awareness. Only till the mind loses identity of awareness creates no boundaries towards expansion.

The field of consciousness creates the experience for the mind of awareness to let go of its own Creation of awareness. That which is not aware cannot be let go of the awareness.

Thus 'The State of Beingness' cannot be said as 'The State of Beingness', only to the Mind of Awareness 'The State of Beingness' reaches the boundary of Limitations however not to the State of Beingness less the Mind of Awareness.

And thus...Meditation...

Jiro Goh

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In the Presence of Silence, Truth Speaks
24th June 2006

Silence is presence within the mind, heart and body
When this state of silence is achieved, Truth is heard, seen and felt

In this state of nothingness, expansion is felt
The Universe within the mind of Nothingness

The Key is the Mind - all others are just paths,
The Mind is the field which contains all

The Power lies in spaces of silence,
The Key of the unknowing mind

The flow is ever as always to the opened mind
As the Light flows within,
There is no Eye to when it begins or ends

All that resists bring no paths
Only the Light bears the Key
And this when spoken brings Eternal Peace

A part of which illuminates when a Key is spoken
And only when all is sounded,
Silence will ever be found

Silence is the voice of Truth
Silence also represents the Mind
And when silence is spoken
The mind is then awake
All others are then asleep

Jiro Goh

Friday, June 09, 2006

Love and Strength Prayer
By The Creative Source through Jiro
June 2006

By the presence of the Divine Creative Source, we ask for the replacement of fear to Pure Love. To invite the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Ascended Masters to bring in the Light of Peace, Creation, Love and Compassion.

To uplift all humanity and our souls. We ask that this prayer be multiplied by the Creative Infinite Field of the Buddhas and Christ Grid Consciousness.

We now invite all life-force from the Mother Earth and initiate the healing process for all Living Consciousness on Mother Earth. We ask that may all pain and dis-ease be completely healed and set into harmony for Mankind.
We pray from the deepest part of our hearts that may the Angels of Love and Light bring forth the protection Light clothing for all the children of our future.

We ask for complete healing and perfect alignments for our souls and energetic bodies to The Creative Source’s Template of Love and Light.

We ask for the complete opening and integration of all our past lives’ wisdom of our spiritual essences for the 12th Dimensional vibration.

We call forth to the Lords of Karma to stabilize and neutralize our Karmic fields to help us gain clarity and wisdom towards our evolution.

We now invite our higher-self to guide us on our Spiritual Path and may no harm that of any physical ailments, energy blockages, or dis-ease be able to hinder our mind and hearts nor our path towards our Spiritual journey.

Therefore, we now choose to release all of our discomforts, pain, lies, lower-self of Ego, dis-ease, old thinking patterns, and negative belt of karmic constraint from our life path and evolution to achieve stability and blessings from all existing dimensions from the depths of the Creative Source to all of the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, and of all Galactic Councils and the Council of Light to infuse and gives us your blessings.

So that may we be empowered to walk our path with compassion, love, clarity and joy. May our hearts be filled with peace and love from the essences of the Creative Source. We ask our listening ears, willing hearts and mind to now willingly and completely embrace the Essences of all Virtues into our entire beingness. We ask that may our Will and Hearts be aligned as One with the Light and ever shine humbly, peacefully, lovingly with the Strength of the Great Central Sun. For all growth of life and Creation, for all Love and Light Manifested and Unmanifest.

So Be It!
So Be It!
So Be It!

OM! x 3

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Into the Light

And so it has begun...
The Calling of the Light
Guiding forth the Soul to the Self
As bravely as One takes on this step
Clarity is shown and guidance was given

So be it!
And let this be
For Love is the Creation of all Essence
And thus is all Essences, Love

Jiro Goh

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Prayer of Love

The light that you give us
Will stay in our hearts
Reminding us
That in our prayer
You are an everlasting star
There is so much faith
We dream of a world with no more violence, no more pain
A world of justice and hope
Holding our neighbors’ hands
As a symbol of peace and brotherhood
The strength that you gave us is The wish
That everyone may find love
Within our Souls, and with this joy
May we bring Peace and Love for all Humanity
This is our prayer,

Prayer of Love
Jiro Goh

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dear friends,

Wait for it to load completely....
Beautiful as it sounds, beautiful as it warms your heart...
Make a difference, Heal the World...


Monday, February 27, 2006


In the presence of slience, the mind is still to listen
In the presence of slience, the heart is free to feel
In the presence of slience, the body is free to experience without judgment

Lord Hermes Trismegistus

Jiro Goh

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Peace is a jewel in the heart
A drop of tear that could calm a storm
Streaming deep into our breaths, twirling sparkles of luminious bluish light

Peace is an Eternal Joy that anyone can embrace
Facing the Sun like the leaves, holding dews and breathing air
Peace is Life

An Ever-moving energy that uplifts a worried heart, troubled mind and breathless body
Peace is like the breeze
Cooling and gentle, bringing longing comfort to One's soul

PEACE IS YOU...peace is you...peace is you...

Jiro Goh

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sliently with the wind

Life is like a continous cycle
Like a feather always with the wind
Being in the moment of wherever it is
Enjoying the ride on the trees, on the clouds
By the Sunlight, singing with the moon
Dancing with stars and making wishes for all consciousness
Like a star, may One be brighten
Like the moon, may One be illuminated
Like the sun, may One be enlighten
Along with the feathers, journeying with the wind
Enjoying this life in this journey

And so it it is...
To be, to allow, to flow...

Jiro Goh
In the moment of a feather with the wind...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Gifts for Xmas 2005...

Made these for my friends as Christmas Presents!

Two paintings and a Crystal Wand, and several other small gifts...
Jiro Goh

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Breezing with the afternoon Cotton Sky...

Jiro Goh
Ever Changing unto Perfection

Friday, December 09, 2005


Life is a beauty, shaped into personalities.
Revealing its face the way the Sun wants it to be...

Know that Life is just an Experience
Treasure every moment on Earth...
Even though its not the only stop
Embrace Selfless Love from Within...

Let the heart once again open its door
Unlocked gently with a kiss
And may each knock be answered with Love
And welcome Divinity from Within

Sparkles can be seen on water
And so do sparkles show between leaves
And when one finds the sparkles in this Nature
So will sparkles be found Within

Grow beloved ones grow towards the Light
And unfold Truth on your leaves
Facing gracefully to the Sun
Singing I Am Peace, Peace is in Me...

And touch the Earth firmly with your feet
Ten Toes, Ten fingers, mapping this Tree
Tenth Creation manifested 'me'
Beloved ones, Beloved ones
I Am this Peace and Love Within

So be it!
So be it!
So be it!

In Light,
Jiro Goh